Thursday, September 21, 2006

Make Your Voice Heard On The Issue of Government Wiretapping.

If you are a US citizen, select your viewpoint to send a message and register your vote in each of these Action Polls.
Then visit to see the latest results.
Should Court Orders Be Required for Wiretapping?
The Senate Judiciary committee approved two bills.
One that allows warrantless wiretapping of calls and one that requires special court warrant approval. Which bill should the Senate pass?
Click on the link below that best reflects your view on the issue. 

Picture Your Issue on
You oughta be in pictures. Or your issue.  Write to Pres. Bush about any issue, plan, idea, complaint or praise. We will select the most compelling story or picture and feature it on in our "What's on Your Mind" section.   Submit your message and picture here.  Or visit to see the latest pics and issues.

Election Season is Here
Be sure to
register to vote and find out who is on the ballot in your state this November.

More information on Congress activities can be found each day on

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