Monday, September 18, 2006

Help end female genital cutting

Dear Friends,
Some stories are headline news for a few months and then they
just seem to disappear.  This is one of those stories.
Female genital cutting, also called female circumcision, has
affected more than 135 million women and girls worldwide.
Complications can include severe bleeding, infection, long-term
difficulties with intercourse and childbirth, even death.
"Female circumcision, or mutilation of the genitals, is one of the most
political areas of women's health. Worldwide it is estimated that well
over 100 million women have been subjected to it.  Supporters of the
practice say it is done for cultural and religious reasons, but opponents
say that not only is it potentially life-threatening - it is also an extreme
form of oppression of women. "

There's no getting around it. The practice of female genital cutting is
difficult to talk about.  But every day, as many as 6,000 women and
girls risk undergoing this painful, debilitating procedure.

I just signed a petition to stop FGC. I hope you'll help me fight this
practice by signing your name to the petition as well!

I hope you'll join me. Click on the link below to take action
Pamela Lyn

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