Monday, August 7, 2006

Movies that make you think

 If you're feeling a little jaded and disillusioned by current events and world leaders here are a few movies to get you thinking and hopefully give you hope that mankind is not lost.   
Kingdom of Heaven  ( 2005 )  --  a story of a knight's search for "the kingdom of Heaven"  during the Crusades starring Orlando Bloom.  Directed by Ridley Scott 
Syriana  ( 2005 ) -- a political thriller starring George Clooney and Matt Damon that sheds light on the connections between back-room oil industry deals in Washington to the people working the oil fields in the Persian Gulf . 
Hotel Rwanda  ( 2004 )  --  based on a true story, about a hotel owner  who saved over 1,000 people during the 1994 Rwanda genocide.  Starring Don Cheadle
King Arthur  (2004)  -- the telling of the story of Arthur and his knights based more on history than myth.  Starring Clive Owens.   Directed by Antonie Fuqua
All of the above are now showing on many cable and satellite networks or are available on DVD.  
Important ideas to look for:
  • Issues are always black and white. 
  • Men are neither all good or all evil.  
  • Religious zealots can be committed but wrong.  
  • It is more important to have Faith then Religion.
  • Answers do not come from institutions but from people.
None of these movies need hype from me but each one has a powerful message and is among my favorites.  I recommend them highly. 
Enjoy the movies and don't lose your faith!
Pamela Lyn

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