Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kudos to BP -- If They Are Sincere

BP declares war on global warming - 4Car News from Channel 4
Read the entire article at:  http://www.channel4.com/4car/news/news-story.jsp?news_id=15086

Oil giant BP wants every motorist in Britain to do their bit to beat global warming by signing up for a new scheme called Target Neutral.

It's a web-based, non-profit way for drivers to fund ventures that cancel out the amount of carbon dioxide their driving adds to the atmosphere.

BP's UK boss Peter Mather said: 'An increasing number of members of the public want to do their bit and have a direct impact.

You register at a website, www.targetneutral.com, that calculates the carbon dioxide likely to be produced by your driving over the year ahead, factoring in the car you drive and the way you drive it.

You can then pay (by debit or credit card) a sum of money that will provide funding for carbon-neutralising schemes, such as biomass plants and wind farms in India.

If you are a Target Neutral-registered driver and you buy your fuel at a BP garage, when you swipe your Nectar card that will trigger a contribution from BP, of up to 20p per fill-up.

To help counter cynicism about the scheme, it is being monitored by a green-friendly panel chaired by Jonathon Porritt, director of Forum for the Future.

It's about a bigger engagement with emissions, to help drivers get to grips with the need to change lifestyles and behaviour.

Every single one of the oil majors is going to be talking in these terms very soon.

BP's chief scientist Steve Koonin said: 'It may take several decades before alternative energy can make a major contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

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