Monday, August 21, 2006

Action Alert: A Chance to Make Your Voice Heard on a Constitutional Amendment -- Right to Privacy

An announcement from Weekly Update August 14, 2006
Your Ideas:  Constitutional Amendment: Right to Privacy


As part of our focus on activists and their ideas, we present this proposed idea for legislation from Bonita Springs, Fl. 

A "Privacy Amendment" to state and the U.S. Constitutions that guarantees a right to privacy in all areas of our lives.  This would impact things  such as telemarketeing calls, medical records access, gun registration, abortion, gay rights and many other areas of personal behavior and activity. Most of these issues were impacted by courts' interpretations of a right to privacy and the debate as to whether the U.S. Constitution has an implied right to privacy as was decided for example in Roe v. Wade.  By passing an amendment, this issue and others would be decided once and for all.

Should your elected officials support or introduce a constitutional amendment that guarantees a right to privacy?  Write to President Bush, Congress and your governor and state legislature to let them know your views on this idea. Start by selecting your view: 

I Support A Right to Privacy Amendment to the Constitution

I Oppose a Right to Privacy Amendment to the Constitution

Post your letter for others to see with the "Letters to Leaders" option and share a picture of you or your issue and a bit about yourself for your elected officials and others to see by using the "See Me" option.

Look at the gallery of activists to see what people are interested in or read letters that others in your city or state have sent. Weekly Update Editors

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