Thursday, August 31, 2006

Celebrating Teachers -- Sept. 1

Dear friends,

Singapore celebrates Teacher's Day every year on September 1. Here is a
message for them to always have hope in the children. This is not always
easy in our stressful environment. But cast your eyes farther and see
the possibilities.

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Sing Cher Kwek

Title: A Teacher's Day of Hope

Always teach with hope in the children.
Because if not this time, then in some distant future,
they will need it, they will respond to it.
Leave behind heart prints for them to remember you.

Freely give your patient love, compassion,
kindness and understanding to them.
All these good things, if not now, will later take root in them
But you need to provide the seeds first.

As time goes on, you plant more seeds.
These gifts of life will grow into trees,
and spread far beyond you.
But it must begin with you first.

Eventually they will spread so far,
they cannot but return to you.
Sow well, sow hopefully.
Have faith.

So in the presence of the children,
live each moment and speak each word,
think each thought and take each action
as if it will come back to you.

For they surely do,
it will surprise you,
because it will be bigger than
you could ever imagine.

Teacher's Day will keep getting better

Copyright © 2006 by Kwek Sing Cher

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