Saturday, April 1, 2006

Join the fight against HIV/AIDS

Run, walk, or blade at the 18th ANNUAL AIDS WALK MIAMI on Sunday, April 23RD.  
This event supports Care Resource which provides programs and services free of charge to the South Florida community affected by HIV/AIDS
Care Resource assists and empowers those affected by HIV/AIDS and, at the same time, works to end the pandemic with programs aimed at reducing
the spread of the virus and expediting improved treatments. Through the support of volunteers and contributors like you, 86% of each dollar raised goes directly
programs and services.
If you aren't in the Miami area please support a good friend of mine in his efforts.  While Geoff and I are grateful that neither he nor I are HIV positive,
we realize that millions of men, women and children are and they need our support.   That is why each year Geoff organizes a team and walks and I
try to support him in this effort.   This is the first year that I have appealed to you for help because it would mean a great deal to me to see Geoff 's team
meet its goal. 
There are only 3 more weeks before the event and even the smallest gift, given with love,would be appreciated. 
Follow This Link to visit my friend Geoff's web page and help him in his efforts to support Care Resource.
Thank You and God Bless
Pamela Lyn

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