Monday, April 10, 2006

Insights from Senator Joseph Biden Jr.

Last night I had the opportunity to catch the rebroadcast of the Friday, April 7th episode of Real Time with Bill Maher.   Yes,  I watch Real Time.  Even though I don't agree with Bill Maher's views
on spirituality and matters of faith, his show is one of the most honest and insightful political forums on television.  And yes,  the man is funny.
Regardless of how you feel about Bill Maher, if you missed this broadcast please watch it tonight.   One of his guests for episode 74 (in case you want to look up the transcript later) was Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Democrat from Delaware.    After listening to his comments on: developing an appropriate exit strategy from Iraq; how George Bush applies his faith to his decision processes; and, how the elitists in the Democratic Party turn off Americans who embrace their faith,  I have a greatly renewed respect and appreciation for the Senator from Delaware.  His comments on developing an exit strategy from Iraq were the most clearly stated, informed, sensible and easily understandable explanation of the situation that I have heard so far.  No clichés -- just straight talk and facts.  Even fellow guest Ben Affleck got it.  Even I got it and it and I was watching after midnight.  Which tells me that Joe Biden GETS IT!
I still disagree with his vote on the bankruptcy bill but if Senator Biden should decide to run for President in 2008, he may have earned my vote.  
Real Time with Bill Maher episode 74 will be rebroadcast on HBO tonight at 8pm EST /  11pm EST and again on Thursday 4/13.  Please watch this if you can. 
 Pamela Lyn

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