Thursday, February 5, 2009

Should CitiField Be Renamed Bailout Ballpark?

Some people, included this sports fan, think it's worth considering.

As CBS News reported,
"Citigroup received billions of dollars in federal bailout money this winter.

But, in 2006, the bank entered into an agreement to pay the New York Mets $400 million dollars over 20 years for naming rights to the team's new stadium.

'They just act as though the taxpayers' money is free money, and they can spend it any way they want. Well, no they can't,' says Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D, Ohio), who adds that taxpayers have the right to be upset.

'Their money is going for these banks that are just doing anything they want with it,' Kucinich says. 'Well, that's not right, and they have to be called on it.'"

Rep. Kucinich I agree. Let's call them on it.

Let's pressure the Mets organization and the City of New York to rename CitiField to something a little more appropriate for "the house that the bailout is building".

In the following video, Rep Kucinich explains why Citigroup needs to take their name off of the Met's stadium immediately

Of course, Bailout Ballpark isn't the best name.

So tell me, what would you name the new stadium?

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