Thursday, February 12, 2009

How We Got Into This Mess In the First Place

I received quite a few emails in response to my post "Conspicuously, Conspicuous Consumption, Fraud and Partisan Politics" but my favorite, by far, was from my good friend Lee.

Lee tends to see this crazy world the same way I do and directed me to the following videos from one of the world's wisest men. In a few minutes you'll understand why the world is in such an economic mess, how we can get out of it, and why we must be ever vigilant.

Now that was simple wasn't it

Last night, a Facebook friend implied that I was spending too much time following politics after he read that my Facebook status was "watching the rebroadcast of the bank CEOs testifying before Congress on CSPAN". He may be right.

But someone has to keep an eye on those "fix-it-up" men in hats.

Thanks Lee :-) Hopefully, the sneetches are getting smart.

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