Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New York Post Chimp Cartoon Compares Stimulus Author To Dead Primate

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  1. A cartoon such as this is nothing more than the trend of ignorance plaguing our nation. Sometimes things such as the cartoons are designed (in my opinion) to see how far they can go in causing strife and confusion. You can see the artists beliefs and stereotypes throughout the cartoon: (1) he has no respect for the Government and the highest position in our United States; (2) He has no concerned of the welfare for the millions of suffering Americans (of all ethnicities) which the Stimulus Bill will eventually assist; (3) He views white policemen as legalized murders, racists, and animal rights violators; and (4) He has no respect for the New York Post, one of the leading and most popular read items in the United States. I also question the individual(s) who permitted such a cartoon to be posted.

    To portray a killed chimpanzee is a mockery in itself, even if the artist somehow attempts to evade the cartoon’s true intent. The Chimpanzee had to be killed because he mauled a human being. What the artist failed to realize in his cartoon is that he also portrays white police as “legalized” killers and racists, so my fellow readers, let’s look past the ignorance of cartoonist such as this and ask the New York Post are they condoning contempt for the Government, racial, and inhumane animal treatment?

    Maybe the N.Y. Post should terminate the artists’ employment and let him feel the effects of those who the stimulus bill will eventually aid; at least he’ll have a better appreciation for President Obama. Let him stroll the streets of New York or the city he lives in, searching and eating discarded food like a stray animal (Chimpanzee) and treated like such by those passing and mocking him. Let’s see if he gets harassed by white cops while he strolls on the streets. Maybe then he’ll learn to appreciate the things we so enjoy here in America, and even learn a bit more about the freedom of speech we enjoy which shouldn’t be taken for granted or exploited.

    The artists and others like him need to get over the fact we have a black President; that it’s a done deal, and they need to move on with their lives and stop pouting like spoiled brats. The country has proven itself; we are better than racism and can look beyond those idiotic beliefs.

  2. Torrence,

    Thank you for so eloquently saying what so many of us are thinking and feeling.

    When I first saw the cartoon I was speechless.

    There is no doubt that the editorial board intended, regardless of the cartoonist's intent, to link the image of the chimp to the President because of the cartoon's placement in the paper immediately following a picture of Barack Obama signing the stimulus bill.

    If you accept the cartoonist's explanation that "the chimp represented Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi if any one," are we supposed to accept misogyny as a valid excuse for violence?

    Even the attempt to explain the cartoon away as an attempt to link two current news stories lacks plausibility because there is nothing that ties the two stories together.

    At best, the cartoon was a reflection of the cartoonist's ignorance and racial insensitivity to draw such a cartoon during African American History month.

    At worst, it is one more example of a Rupert Murdoch owned news organization's attempt to whip the radical, far-right wing, elements in our society into a violent frenzy.

    The cartoonist, Sean Delonas has a long history of cartoons that depict homophobia, misogyny and racism. So the New York Post knew what they were paying for and publishing.

    What is most troubling to me about this entire incident is that there are still many people who don't understand why the cartoon is being perceived as racist. This tells me that we have a long, long way to go as a society.


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