Thursday, January 29, 2009

Iraq Says GoodBye to Blackwater

It took a long time coming but change is coming slowly to Iraq. 

excerpt from:
Iraq to deny licence to US Blackwater guards | Reuters

By Khalid al-Ansary

BAGHDAD, Jan 29 (Reuters) - Iraq will not renew the licence of Blackwater Worldwide, the private security firm accused of killing Iraqi civilians while protecting U.S. diplomats, U.S. and Iraqi officials said on Thursday.

"The operating permission for the firm Blackwater will not be renewed. Its chance is zero," said Alaa al-Taie, head of the press department at the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

"It is not acceptable to Iraqis and there are legal points against it, like killing Iraqis with their weapons."

A U.S. embassy official confirmed that the embassy had been informed that the licence would not be renewed, and said it was working on finding a new arrangement to cover its security.

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