Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ask Producer of '24' to Stop Promoting Torture

Dear friend:

After being a huge fan of the series "24" for its first 4 seasons, I stopped watching the show as a matter of conscience. I simply couldn't feel comfortable speaking out against torture while continuing to watch a television program which promoted the practice.

As the organization Human Rights First points out, "the hit television series '24' is notorious for how its hero Jack Bauer gets the job done: He tortures suspects, gets what he wants, and always saves the day."

Disturbingly, Human Rights First - working with military educators - has learned that young soldiers have either copied Jack Bauer's actions in the field and view him as a model of how to conduct interrogations.

The writers and producers of '24' have the freedom to create what they think will appeal to viewers. But we also think they should be aware of the show's impact.

Please join me by adding your name to the letter that Human Rights First is sending Howard Gordon, the executive producer of '24'ask the show to adopt a socially responsible position on promoting torture.

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