Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What's New on Coffee Conversation

As my longtime readers know, I'm always tinkering with my blogs trying to improve their formatting and provide you with more information, tools, and (hopefully) fun stuff. Over the past week I've been trying to add a calendar that will keep you updated on all of the great documentaries and movies that I've come across.

Since many of you subscribe to the blogfeed and don't always visit the site, I thought I'd take a moment and update you on a few of the recent changes.

Looking for Not So Trivial Trivia?

A countdown to the 2009 US Presidential Inauguration as well as tickers calculating the US National Debt and the Cost of the Iraq War is in the sidebar.

You can now view my calendar.

Not my personal calendar. I wouldn't want to bore you to tears. It's my public google calendar and it will be viewable at the bottom of the blog. This way, the next time that I recommend a LinkTV special like "The Art of Spin". you'll have an idea of when it will be airing in your area.

Other blog features:
  • View my Youtube PCCTV playlist and see the my video picks for the day;
  • Check out the blogs and articles that I read by viewing my bookmarks, my blogroll, and the Political Voices of Women widget; and.
  • Follow my Twitter "Tweets" as a live blog the debates and election night.
So stop by the blog and let me know how you like the changes.

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