Friday, October 3, 2008

Only Two Questions Remain About Sarah Palin

After watching tonight's Vice Presidential Debate only two questions remain about Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, Governor Sarah Palin.

One, Do you like her style?

Sarah Palin's style is her strong suit.

Sarah Palin is attractive, folksy, opinionated, and strong. And during, tonight's Vice Presidential Debate she got away with employing a technique that no man could have ever gotten away with. She simply refused to participate in any real debate. Sarah Palin had a script, and by God, no matter what anyone asked her, she was sticking to it. When pressed to address Senator John McCain's position on deregulation Ms. Palin responded:

Time and time again, Sarah Palin refused to directly answer the questions posed by the moderator or address criticisms of her running mate's voting record. Sarah Palin tells you what she does and doesn't want to argue about.

Instead, Sarah Palin smiled, winked and used folksy sayings like " you betcha". "gotcha", "darn right", "say it ain't so Joe", and "God bless your wife, her reward is in heaven."

You have to give her credit for knowing how to deliver a "zinger" and a "dig".

She knows how and when to use all the right buzz words: "maverick", "reform", "hockey moms", "executive experience" "Joe six-pack", "great American hero", "white flag of surrender" and of course, "drill baby drill".

And she knows how to throw out just enough half-truths in order to spin her tale.

Forget substance, Sarah Palin has style and knows how to sell it.

Now you have to ask yourself if this is the person that you can trust:
  • negotiating with oil industry executives;
  • working with the Senate in a bipartisan manner; or
  • serving as a diplomatic envoy?

Two, Do you trust Sarah Palin?

Don't kid yourself whatever her knowledge level or experience, Sarah Palin is no illiterate, small town, "hockey mom" who just wants to "put country first".

Sarah Palin wants to be the next Dick Cheney. She shares the Cheney view of the Vice Presidency.

During tonight's debate Joe Biden stated that "Vice President Cheney is the most dangerous Vice President in American history"

Well friends, if you think that Dick Cheney was dangerous, Sarah Palin wants to do to the Constitution ( and you ) what Dick Cheney did but she'll do it with a smile, a wink and a "aw shucks". And like Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin does not believe that she has any weaknesses.

Sarah Palin states that she wants to shatter the "glass ceiing".

Well, based on her responses during last night's debate, Sarah Palin wants to shatter that glass, let it rain down on your head, smile and say "oh gosh darn, you're bleeding".

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