Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just One More Reason to Stay "Prayed Up"

... or at least keep a sense of humor.

The following is a true story which may either make you laugh or pray if you are a customer of Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW).

( Between you and I, I wasn't laughing through most of this.)

Yesterday our local natural gas utility (PGW) sent out a tech to replace our gas meter. While he was replacing the meter, the tech advised me that he noticed a problem with our chimney clean-out. Since the problem presented a safety code violation, he issued a written warning tag and then turned off the portion of the gas line which feeds the hot water heater, furnace and clothes dryer. Needless to say that was a bummer. And cleaning up all of the black soot which the technician forgot to mention that he left all over the powder room after he "tested the chimney for drafts" was definitely not fun.

But taking things in stride, I called a chimney contractor, who came out first thing this morning and corrected the problem. After the contractor left, I called the gas company to advise them that they could send out a tech to confirm that the problem has been corrected and then turn on the gas line. Sounds simple, right?

Well you wouldn't believe what I was told. Both a PGW telephone rep and his supervisor advised me that since the gas company did not turn off the main gas line which feeds the entire house that their technicians do not come back out to turn on the line to appliances -- even though they turned it off.

They both stated that the contractor, (who remember is just a chimney contractor) had to turn on the portion of the natural gas line that feeds my hot water heater, furnace and clothes dryer and, test the appliances. When I asked this "supervisor" ( whose name you can bet that I've recorded) if the gas company performs follow-ups to see if the "hazardous conditions" listed in their citations have been corrected he stated "No".

I couldn't believe my ears. In other words, according to this supervisor, if PGW issues a "warning" citing hazardous conditions, and if their customer hires a shoddy contractor who performs faulty work then turns on the customer's gas line, that's OK with the gas company. The loud kaboom that might follow won't be the gas company's fault because, after all, they told the customer to get the problem fixed.

As their website reads, "PGW is a financially viable enterprise providing safe, reliable gas service."

Needless to say I have calls in to various agencies to confirm and/or investigate this policy. I'll keep you posted.

And you thought that you only had to worry about tomatoes and imported toys.

Stay prayed up people!

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