Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why Being A Democrat Can Be Heartbreaking

You like the Democratic candidate.

His/her campaign seems to be sailing along smoothly.

The incumbent Republican isn't well liked.

Momentum for the Democratic candidate is building.

This time the GOP has little or no strategy for waging a campaign

and then...

you wait for it .. wait for it ... wait for it...

and suddenly here it comes

--the OOPs moment.

The sound bite that the GOP machine was waiting for.

I'm still cringing and seeing images of Michael Dukakis in a tank and John Kerry windsailing.

Now I know what Michelle Obama meant. And you probably know what Michelle Obama meant. It's a sentiment that is shared by millions of people born post 1968.

But do the old folks back home know what Michelle Obama meant. You know, the old folks, who election after election turn out to vote in November. The folks that fly American flags, not just on Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day but all year round. The folks who tied yellow ribbons around trees and have loved ones in the military.

Oh well maybe it will all just fade away.

Don't count on it. Faux News couldn't wait to jump on this.

Give the GOP an image or a soundbite and they'll run a campaign.

Game on.

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