Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Best Headline of the Day

Bush Is Pissed....Film At 11,

Somehow seeing this made my roses smell sweeter and the chocolate even tastier.  LOL

excerpt from an article by
By Kevin Drum - CBS News

(Political Animal) BUSH IS PISSED....FILM AT 11....I saw this headline on the Washington Post's front page a few minutes ago and thought, WTF? Eve Fairbanks apparently thought the same thing:
Seriously, though, why the hell is this the Post's headline? Here's what happened: House Democrats refused to sign the Senate's version of the FISA bill, which excused the telecom companies for their past surveillance sins, rebuking the Republicans and the Senate. Even more ballsy, the 35-strong liberal bloc in the House knocked down a temporary extension, meaning FISA will probably expire on Friday night. Then the Republicans threw a temper tantrum and walked off the House floor; Bush put out an angry statement — and the tantrum made the headline.

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