Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quick Post Debate Thoughts

Tonight's CNN/Univision Democratic Debate from Austin confirmed one thing.

If Senators Clinton and Obama can not find a way to create an Obama\Clinton or a Clinton\Obama ticket they will miss one of the greatest opportunities in history, not just American history but world history.

They both have a vision for America, they are both the face of change, they both have concrete plans and they both can reach across the Congressional aisle to get things done. So what's the difference?

Barack Obama can move and inspire the American people, and he doesn't bring a lot of political baggage. Hillary Clinton is the seasoned veteran of political wars, the passionate fighter (like the mother lion of America), the savvy politician and the master of facts. Combined they are what American will need to face it's monumental challenges.

At this point both candidate's strengths and shortcomings are obvious to anyone taking the time to read and listen. Nothing emerged from tonight's debate that could not have been discovered on the candidate's websites or from watching the previous debates. The candidates themselves admit that they are 95% in agreement on the key issues, and in the areas where they disagree, they should be able to reach common ground.

In her closing statement Hillary Clinton paraphrased John Edwards' phrase that when this campaign is over both she and Barack will be okay. That is true. But American will not just be okay, but could be better if Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can come together.

Since you'll be able to read and see a recap of the debate on several networks, newspapers and blogs I won't add to the repetition. Instead, I hope to offer a companion guide to all of the post debate analysis.

Talk to you later.

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