Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Beware of The Gossip

Have you ever been hurt by gossip?   Did you ever meet someone that seemed to immediately dislike you only to find out later that someone had falsely maligned your character to this person before you ever met?   Do you know someone that constantly can't wait to bring you the latest gossip? 
Well as the old saying goes,  "a dog that will bring a bone will also carry one."  
I think that we all know gossips and sadly most of us have indulged in this vice from time to time.    However, gossiping can be one of the harmful of all sins.  And a constant gossip is a very dangerous person that needs to be avoided at all costs.  Turn a deaf ear to gossips.  You'll be pleasant surprised at how peaceful your life will be.      plk
Words: Pleasant or Poisonous?

Today's Scripture

"Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and bringing healing to the bones." (Proverbs 16:24)

Today's Word from Joel and Victoria

Have you ever heard someone say, "Now don't pass this on, but did you hear . . .?" When we hear someone say that we always think, "Then why are you passing it on to us?" I'm sure they don't think that sharing the latest juicy tidbit is going to hurt anyone.

But the truth is it can be extremely hurtful. It can ruin the relationship between business partners, close friends, and even between a husband and a wife. The Bible says that a gossiping tongue is "a restless evil and full of deadly poison." It can literally destroy a person's life.

But when we choose to use our words to say good things about people, even when they have made mistakes, we can influence their lives for the better. We can bring healing to the lives of hurting people when we choose to encourage and uplift them instead of tearing them down.

So if you know something bad about somebody, let me encourage you to keep it to yourself. And if someone tries to share "the latest news" about somebody else, politely stop them and encourage them to pray for that person. We must all learn to walk in love. When you show mercy to someone who is experiencing a difficult time in their life, God will show mercy to you and you'll live that abundant, prosperous life that He promises to those who faithfully serve Him.

A Prayer for Today

It is hurtful and I know it. Please give me the strength of character to show mercy to others by not spreading or delighting in their bad news. And I pray that others will do the same for me. In Jesus' name – Amen.

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