Saturday, September 4, 2004

The following is the Cover The Uninsured Week News Digest for the week of August 23, 2004.

We invite you to visit where you will find news and information about Cover the Uninsured Week and other ongoing efforts to help get America covered. The site offers facts about the uninsured, personal stories, links to the participating organizations and resources for those seeking health care coverage. Log on to learn how you can get involved in the Covering Kids & Families 2004 Back-to-School national campaign to help enroll eligible children in SCHIP and Medicaid.

News Summaries
A Weekly Digest of News on the Uninsured

News & Opinion

Employment Slump Linked to High Health Insurance Costs
Businesses cannot afford to hire workers and pay benefits

Source(s): Eduardo Porter, The New York Times (Aug. 19)

Young and Entrepreneurial Are Opting out of Health Insurance in a Dangerous Gamble
54.8 million working Americans lacked coverage for at least part of 2002 and 2003

Source(s): Daffodil J. Altan, The Los Angeles Times (Aug. 16); Jim Hopkins, USA Today (Aug. 22)

ER Closures in Los Angeles County Portend Graver Problems
Influx of uninsured blamed for expected chain reaction of closures

Source(s): Jason Felch, The Los Angeles Times (Aug. 20); Jason Felch, The Los Angeles Times (Aug. 24)

Increasingly Popular Consumer-Directed Medical Plans Have Both Pros and Cons
Patients may ignore chronic conditions and preventive care to save money

Source(s): Shari Roan, The Los Angeles Times (Aug. 16); Diane Stafford, Kansas City Star (Aug. 20)

McDonald's Leads Fight Against California Insurance Mandate
Measure has broad voter support despite business opposition

Source(s): Rob Kaiser, Chicago Tribune (Aug. 19)

Maryland County Strives for Universal Coverage
County clinics already serve ten percent of uninsured adults

Source(s): Cameron W. Barr, The Washington Post (Aug. 24)

Texas Governor Boosts CHIP Funding
Also delays cutting off families behind in payment

Source(s): Associated Press (Aug. 12); Janet Elliott, The Houston Chronicle (Aug. 17)

OPINION: Editorial Commends Easing of Texas CHIP Rules
Getting more kids enrolled will save money and should be the goal

Source(s): San Antonio Express-News (Aug. 20)

2004 Election Coverage
This section of the Covering the Uninsured News provides updates on the uninsured as a campaign issue for 2004.

Health Care Ranks Fourth in Voter Concern, Poll Shows
Voters call it an important issue

Source(s): Michelle Ahn, Newsday (Aug. 19)

Washington Post Article Finds Flaws in Bush's Plan to Cover 10 Million Uninsured
Proposals are more likely to lead to coverage for 2 to 6 million

Source(s): Ceci Connolly, The Washington Post (Aug. 22)


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