Wednesday, September 1, 2004

As I was cleaning today,  I came across the following message a friend sent to me some time ago.   I received this during one of the darkest hours of my life and it blessed me beyond imagine.   Now I liked to share it with you. If you've already read this, may it bless you again.   





“I have allowed you to come to the edge of defeat and failure. I have allowed you to be tested beyond what you thought you could bear. I have taken you to the limits of your- faith and belief—that you can see just how much that you need me.

It is in those times that you have found that I have never forsaken you or left you. That I was always there and was always near.  What you feared was not there at all. What you thought was going to take you under -- you were able to rise above. What had kept you back -- now is not there. What controlled you -- was broken and cast away from you.”

This is what the Lord says, “I have been preparing you and building you up for such a time. I have positioned you and called you forth. What has taken place within has been me at work. At times, you thought: ‘I cannot make it -- this is too bad -- God is unfair’ but you have weathered it all and have stood.

You have stood. You have learned resistance and how to endure. You have learned what is of me and what was of the flesh.  It has not been easy -- but hard. And, you did doubt at times if you would survive. But you more than survived you came through and have stood!

The testing is not easy at the time-your whole being is pressed. Your very movements are restricted. Your being felt boxed in and everything around you seems to be closed off to you. You have found others did not understand you -- much less did you understand yourself. Confusion covered you and you felt alone. You wanted to hide and cover yourself. You said, ‘It is too much -- God is too unfair.’

This is what the Lord says, “You found that was not true --but that you have come forth -- refined as pure gold. You are not the same person that you were. You are becoming more like me. Now is the time -- to recognize what I have done. Now is the time—to look at yourself and say, I see what the Lord has done -- I am not the same--I have been changing-­Christ dwells in me and He is mine and I am His.

Look forward -- no longer hang on to the past -- There is nothing there for you to look to. Look forward to what I have said and am about ready to do. All is before you—nothing is behind you.” “Hold to my words and reject the lies of the past. The false conclusions that you have come to -- are not of truth. All the words that you have spoken over yourself are now removed.” The word curses of others are voided and have lost their power over you. My words are what is to operate in your life now. Those are the only words that you are to accept and be governed by.

It has not been easy -- there is more to come—but you are learning more and more how to discern what is going on. You are learning to separate the good from the evil. You are not easily moved by things, people, or circumstances -- you are now learning- how to be moved by my Spirit. You are truly my sons and daughters---because you are lead by my Spirit. It is His voice that you are longing to hear. You have come to depend on Him. You have found He will lead you into truth and through Him you find My ways. What you were -- you are not now. What you have become is Mine. You are not as you were. You are not wandering in fear and confusion. But, you see and hear clearly because I have trained you. You do not understand all that lies before you -- great things are to come but at the same time great resistance is before you.

Hell has enlarged itself to resist what I am about to do. But, do not fear or even pull back -- but set your face -- face the conflict. Victory will come. Battles will be fought-- fierce will be the battle – great will be the forces that will come against my army, but you have been well prepared. You have been trained and set in place. I have placed you within the ranks -- stand strong. You are ready because I have prepared you. I have seasoned you with testing- and’ trials -- you are well ready. My anointing and power is yours -- you will lack nothing. Nothing will be with held from you.

All that I have is yours. You will always have more than what the enemy has. Your weapons are more powerful and they are outnumbered. I have trained your hands to war. You are more prepared than you think. You do not realize what a threat you are to darkness. Because My light is great around you -- you shine so brightly. My glory is over you and it covers you. You are clothed with my presence and my brightness shines out from you. All that has been done to you --I have taken and used it. All the past that was meant to destroy you and even kill you -- I have taken and formed you into a strong warrior. There are scars and disappointments -- but they are marks of your testing. They are medals .of your battles -- look upon them and. say “The. Lord has prevailed in my life.”

Hear what the Lord is saying, “You are ready-you are prepared-stand ready-listen to my voice-I am calling forth-this one and that .one. I have positioned you -- you are ready!”

If one day you feel like crying -- Call me.  I don’t promise that I will make you laugh, but I can cry with you. If one day you want to run away- Don’t be afraid to call me. I don’t promise to ask you to stop... But I can run with you. If .one day you don’t want to listen to anyone -- Call me... I promise to be there for you.  And I promise to be very quiet. But if one day you call and there is no answer... Come fast to see me. Maybe I need you.



Author Unknown


If you know the author of this encouraging, please let me know so I can give proper credit. Thanks

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