Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Let There Be Light and Floors, Doors and Baseboards

Hello again from the house at 30th Street & 4th Avenue in Kearney, NE. Thanks to the guys at Mostek Electric we have light.  YAY! 

A lot has happened since my last post.  In addition to installing new flooring on the main floor of the house,  Garringer Flooring applied the same golden oak stain and flooring covering to the upstairs floors.   Those floors were not replaced but simply sanded, stained and sealed.  The results were better than even they expected.

Of course, while the flooring contractor was working on the floors we were essentially locked out.

So to pass the time, the contractor,  Lanny Johnson decided to focus on the garden.  Lanny and his trusted assistant, yours truly, took on the task of extending the existing sprinkler system from the lawn out to the curb area.  This also provided me with an opportunity to see just how well contracting paper functions as a weed suppressant.  After I weeded sections of the yard, I covered the ground with contracting paper then cover the paper with the grass,  shrub clippings and in some areas back filled dirt.    This was hot, dirty and sweaty work but, as I told Lanny, it beats sitting at a desk for 8 hours under artificial lighting any day.   I do, however,  desperately need a manicure.

And if that wasn't enough excitement, the team from Sutterquist Cabinetry began installing the kitchen cabinets.

I told you that it's been a busy week.

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