Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Quick Update from 30th & 4th

 The week is already off to a very busy start.  However, I wanted to share this very quick update on the progress of the house at 30th & 4th in Kearney, NE.

The flooring contractor has finished the downstairs floors and as you can see, they are beautiful.   The photo on the left shows the bare wood floors.  The photo below shows the floors after they were  treated with golden oak stain by Diamond Vogle and then coated.  To protect them from damage they've been covered with contracting paper.

While the work is going on in the house, we are also working in the garden.  When you haven't been able to live in your home for a year things in the yard can get a little too unruly.  This week I expect to be doing a lot of weeding and removing trash trees.  I'll also be testing the effectiveness of using contracting paper as a weed cover as well as using the mixture of vinegar, dishwashing liquid and salt to kill weeds. 

 I've tried the later at the other house and it actually does seem to be quite effective.

By the way, I did finish sanding all of this primed wood.  Whew!  But these little details will make a big difference.

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