Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tell CNBC: Listen to Jon Stewart and report the news.

A CREDO Action Message:

We know about the Bush administration turning a blind eye and refusing to regulate bad behavior. We know about the banks that played fast and loose with our retirements, and then, when it all blew up, they took golden parachutes lined with our tax dollars.
On March 12, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show discussed another serious problem: financial news networks like CNBC that promoted Wall Street propaganda and then blamed the financial crisis on "losers" who couldn't make their mortgage payments.
Stewart took on Jim Cramer of CNBC; the interview was moving, appalling, and a searing indictment that really hit home.
I just watched the interview and signed a petition to tell CNBC that they should be ashamed of their behavior. A financial news channel should investigate and report the truth, not merely air infomercials for Wall Street.
Please have a look and take action.

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