Monday, March 23, 2009

Quote of the Day - Monday, March 23, 2009

"The right will take some time to absorb this but Bush was Carter II - with two full terms. All that rage at what has actually happened - bottled up by rank partisanship for years - has come bounding out. Hence the bizarre spectacle of a president just two months on the job being treated on the right as if he's already Robert Mugabe. Throw in a little racial and cultural panic, add a world of genuine economic pain ... and you have the Malkin surge. "

-- by Andrew Sullivan, commenting in the "tea party movement in host post The Brutal Truth for The Daily Dish.

Of course, I would never compare former Pres. George W. Bush to Nobel Peace Prize Winner former Pres. Jimmy Carter. The latter understood diplomacy. But you get the point.

The hypocrisy is obvious. .

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