Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Escape from Politics

Ok, I know that in the first week of June I promised that I was back from hiatus. But I'm sure that you're familiar with the saying ... carpe diem. And seize the day I have.

The flower and herb garden is flourishing and the tomatoes are showing promise. Both the chickadee and finch families have done well (with a wee bit of human intervention ) and the babies have flown the nest. My spring cleaning is done and, even my office is returning to a publicly presentable state. I've even updated my LinkedIn profile, found the instructions for my food dehydrator and backed up my computers.

So why haven't I been blogging more?

Sadly, I've developed a few new addictions:

Yes, I'm hooked on SOCCER and have spent many afternoons this June watching coverage of EURO 2008 and the exploits of soccer's "heart-attack kids" the Turkish National Team.

I thought that my life would be back on schedule after France was knocked out, but oh... those Turks. With a team decimated by injuries and suspensions, they made it to the semifinals and stole my heart. Seeing Rustu in goal reminded me of 2002 when my best friend and I would call each other at 2 am in order to watch a World Cup match. But alas, the valiant Turkish warriors fell to Germany, but not before showing the soccer world what it means to fight against all odds. And now that Russia has fallen to Spain, all that is left is Sunday's final. EURO 2008 has definitely been a very sweet distraction. Just one thing --- I'm still not sure if Rustu's name is Rustu Recber or Recber Rustu.

As for watching "The Weather Channel" .. doesn't every gardener start their day that way? Seriously though, The Weather Channel is much more than just the daily weather forecast. It's a great way to start the day if only for the jazz.

Watching "How Clean Is Your House" has become a real source of inspiration and a bit of a guilty pleasure. During each episode I pat myself on the back for keeping a tidy home and I resolve to NEVER let my house get into the condition of the homes featured on that show. Kim and Aggie also give great tips for healthy cleaning products. No home should be without white vinegar, lemon juice, household borax and beeswax. You know, the things our grandparents depended on. :-) If you're serious about "green" cleaning I highly recommend this show.

And finally I have to get my daily dose of "You Are What You Eat". I have two years to get in shape for the 2010 World Cup. Don't laugh. You have to be in good shape to stay awake for those 2am and 4am soccer matches. This show makes me feel so guilty about coffee and sugar that I'm down to two cups a day. LOL

Yes, there is more to life than political blogging, signing petitions and writing advocacy letters.
But you can't escape reality.

My June hasn't been all fun and games. I've still been watching C-SPAN, scanning blogs and reading my daily news subscriptions and feeds. But quite honestly
it's hard to know what to say (or not to say) about:

  • tomatoes tainted with salmonella,
  • fertilizer made from municipal sewage,
  • the GOP obsession with drilling in ANWR,
  • levees breaking along the Mississippi river,
  • corporate criminals,
  • criminals shooting police officers in Philadelphia,
  • the rising rate of diabetes,
  • the insanity of Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwe elections,
  • the lack of media coverage of the war in Afghanistan -- remember Afghanistan, and,
  • the evils of Blackwater

Oh well, its been a wonderful June. It was nice to step down from my soapbox for a moment and clean it.

Now let's see, what am I going to write about John Kerry's statement on the Senate floor about the Zimbabwe elections.

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