Sunday, April 15, 2007

PC Security Alert

From:  Rich Buhler
RE: Virus Alert

After a several weeks of quiet, there is a virus warning to be aware of on the Internet right now.

It's not a virus that is destructive to your computer but is one of those that tries to install a file on your computer to use it as part of a network of computers that are unknowingly used to send Spam.

More specifically, this is a variation on what has popularly become known as the Storm Trojan.

The message comes with a subject line that warns of a virus or spyware of some kind such as "Spyware Alert", "Trojan Alert", "Spyware Alert", "Virus Activity Detected", etc.

This is not a new virus but the interesting thing about it is how it tries to avoid detection.

The file is actually compressed into a Zip file, which is not as easily spotted by virus programs.

The attachment that you will actually see in the infected email is a .gif image, but in the image is hidden the password that will open the Zip file that contains the virus.


Make sure you have virus protection installed on your computer and that the virus definitions are up to date.
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From:  Symantec Security Response

As of April 12, 2007, Symantec Security Response is monitoring a massive surge of email spam containing the threat Trojan.Peacomm (also known as the Storm Trojan). This spam campaign is one of the largest identified in recent months. This threat was originally discovered in January 2007 but has been repackaged in this particular spam surge. For more information, click here.

To hear more about what the media are saying about the virus, click here.

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