Saturday, November 6, 2004

Public Agenda Alert - Bush Sets Agenda for Second Term

Public Agenda Alert -- Nov. 4, 2004
* Bush Sets Agenda for Second Term
* Bush Sets Agenda for Second Term
With his election victory behind him, President Bush
announced his priorities for his second term this
week. The list includes continuing his policies on
Iraq, tax cuts and education, while also pushing
for a simplified tax code and allowing younger people
to invest their Social Security funds in the stock
Attitudes on all these issues are covered in Public
Agenda's issue guides and First Choice guides:
Visit our Issue Guides:
In particular, retirement savings and investing are
covered in our issue guide on Social Security. There
are a number of areas where public opinion on reforming
Social Security is unsettled or open to misinterpretation.
- Red Flags on Social Security:
Public support for investing some Social Security funds
in stocks wavers when questions are rephrased. This is
usually a signal that people either do not understand
a proposal or have not thought carefully about its implications.
In fact, very few Americans say they have heard a lot
about these proposals. Substantial numbers of Americans
say they find news coverage on Social Security confusing.
Read the full Red Flags article:
Visit our issue guide on Social Security:

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