Monday, November 1, 2004

3 Governors Challenge Bush on Clean Energy

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Subject: Join 3 Governors to Challenge Bush on Clean Energy
Dear Friend,
Last week three of the nation's most powerful Governors (Governors Granholm, Richardson, and Rendell) challenged the Bush administration's failed leadership on energy. In a letter to the President, they called for an "unprecedented national mission to achieve energy independence within the decade by boldly investing in efficiency, new technology, and alternative energy".
Check out the Governor's letter endorsing the Apollo vision, and take action to build on the growing momentum for good jobs and energy independence:
As our country faces unprecedented challenges to our economy, our security, and the health of our environment -- as our communities continue to hemorrhage high quality jobs, and families face rising prices for gas and home heating oil -- we need a better vision, and real leadership in a new direction.
It's time for more political leaders to step up and seize the historic opportunity to make clean energy the backbone of America's economic and security future. We are pleased to have the three Governors join the growing corps of leaders dedicated to making the Apollo vision a reality. Please take a moment to see what they had to say, and take action to continue building on their historic leadership:
Thanks for your support,
Bracken Hendricks, Executive Director
Apollo Alliance

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