Sunday, August 22, 2004

Underneath the competition, sportsmanship ethic prevails Many athletes exude ideals of Games, from embraces in the pool to a fencing timeout. By Mark Sappenfield

"To be sure, the foibles and frustrations of humankind find a forum here just as they do outside the Olympic rings - in everything from judging controversies to judo boycotts. The Games are not a separation from the world, but an amplification of it. Yet no other event holds athletes to such high standards of sportsmanship, and no other event so celebrates the noble and selfless in sport."

I don't expect the NBA, MLB, NFL & NHL players & owners to really learn anything from this.  I think the movie Jerry McGuire captured it best.  Professional sports in America is about the money. The mantra for athletes ( and owners is "Show Me the Money".  But maybe the America fans can start giving a second thought when they shell out the money for their next ticket . The new chant from the stands should be "Show US Why You're Worth It"


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