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We are living in a time when many people are holding their heads and wringing their hands over the problems facing society.   Many people have finally come to the realization that "government" can't fix it all and now they believe their is little hope for the future.   In these critical times, every person who professes to be a follower for Jesus Christ is challenged to take authority over the situation.   The world is looking for answers and we know "THE ANSWER".   What are we going to do? 


A Door of Authority
has Opened in the Heavenlies
Victoria Boyson

Much is said in the church today about Christlikeness and we all want to be like Jesus. But what does Christlikeness really look like? If you examine the life of Christ you will see that He was loving and compassionate, but also, He did not coddle demons, He rebuked them. When He encountered demonic forces, He took authority over them. He did not try to reason with them, He just commanded them to leave. He had zero tolerance for the enemy!

The Terror of Hell!
Wherever Christ went, He spoiled the works of darkness and caused chaos in the enemy's camp. He was relentless against the powers of darkness. Where there was sickness, He brought healing. Where sin had taken hold, He blasted it with deliverance. No demon was safe wherever Jesus went, because He took authority over the demonic realm. Demons trembled when He approached them. He was the terror of hell!

Yes, because of the authority He walked in, hell feared Him and they had every reason to. Jesus knew who He was and Whose He was!

Jesus lived in the realm of the miraculous; His life was hemmed in by one miracle after another. He did amazing, incredible things. Wherever He went, blind eyes were healed, lame men walked, the dead were raised, demons fled, and lepers were cleansed. He astonished the world and then He set the stage for you and I to walk in the same power and authority that He did. He prophesied, "Greater works shall [you] do!" (Jn. 14:12).

Christ's Plan for Us: Greater Works!
He said that we would do even greater works than He did. He wants us to do greater works; that's His plan for us. It was His idea for us to do great, incredible, amazing things. He wants us to dwell in the realm of the miraculous. He wants us to cause as much trouble for the kingdom of darkness as we can.

Where there is sickness, He wants us to bring healing! He does not want us to beg Him for healings to take place, He wants us to command sickness to leave and healing to come in its place. And where there is demonic activity, He desires for us to cast it out. He wants us to tear down, rip apart and ravage the strongholds of the enemy.

A Door of Authority
A door to a greater level of authority has been opened in the heavenlies, and the church must walk through it. No longer should we hang our heads in shame or let self-pity wear us down. No, we must walk in the authority of Christ! It's time for the church to operate in the authority that Christ purchased for us with His life. It is time to walk in true Christlikeness, not false humility, but to truly live like Christ in every respect.

The enemy has been busy harassing the Body of Christ. He has tried to weigh us down with accusation and condemnation until we feel weak and incapable. But why has he done this? What is he afraid of?

He is trying so hard to condemn us and convince us we are powerless, because he is absolutely terrified of us!!! The thought that we might actually discover just how powerful we are is horrifying to him, so out of his fear of us he hounds and harasses us.

What Does the Enemy See When he Looks at Us?
What does the devil see in us that is so terrifying to him? He sees the righteousness of God in us (see 1 Cor. 5:21)! He sees untapped resources of the power of heaven! He sees the prophesy of Christ looming before him, and that at just the right moment the church is going to break forth in the power and authority of Jesus Christ!

He is petrified of you, beloved. That's right, you may see yourself as insignificant, but believe me, you are what hell fears! When you stand to your feet, hell trembles. When you kneel to pray, it panics. And when you speak forth the truth of God in the authority of Christ, demons run screaming.

Sickness knows it must flee when you tell it to. Death knows you have power to conquer it. The enemy knows that Jesus Christ has given you the keys to the kingdom, to unlock the power of heaven on the earth. The consumable, ferocious, devouring power of Almighty God is in your mouth. When you walk in the authority of Jesus Christ and command the enemy to BACK OFF, they know they must obey you.

For too long we have believed the lies of the enemy - we have tried to co-exist with him. But we can no longer tolerate the activity of the enemy in our hearts, minds, bodies, families, churches, cities, and nations.

There are no little saints in the kingdom of God; no second-hand anointings. Each one of us play an important role in the army of heaven. We must all do our part in fighting the enemy and take the ground where the Lord has placed us. You are important to the kingdom of God! He needs you!

"Stick Up for Yourself!"
I recently prayed for a brother in Christ, and as I did, the Holy Spirit spoke through me, "Stick up for yourself boy!" The words came with power, and such wonderful revelation too.  We have to stick up for ourselves; we must not let the enemy get away with his harassment of us! It is time we stick up for who we are in Christ and not let the enemy torment us with lies of accusation and condemnation.

It's time for the past to stay in the past! Do not let the enemy get away with reminding you of it in order to keep you chained to it. Rip off the chains of condemnation and guilt and use them to strangle him. Make him pay for harassing you and your loved ones and make him fear attacking you again. You ARE the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, and great works shall you do.

I Hate Hell!
I hate hell! I hate hell having access or admittance to any member of the kingdom of God. I see a child of God as the greatest treasure on earth, and that treasure belongs to my God! How dare the enemy touch anything that belongs to Him. How dare he be so bold to think he can bring harm to the bride of heaven. His blatant audacity inflames me.

Beloved, it is time to get mad at the devil. He has tried to keep us focused on hating one another, but his onslaught against us must only rally us together to fight against him, and fight him we must! We must convince him we do mean business.
Saints, we have been too passive with the enemy for too long. No more! Grab hold of the authority of Jesus, man your battle stations and prepare for war!

Please pray this with me:

Dear Jesus,

I repent for not using the gift of authority that You purchased for me with Your precious blood. Make me the terror of hell and the joy of heaven. Lord, I thank you that I will walk in your fearless faith. And may I cause as much harm to the kingdom of darkness as it has caused me!

In Jesus' name, AMEN!

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