Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Recommended for the Caregiver's Bookshelf:  "The Aftereffects for Caregiving" by Gary Joseph LeBlanc

"A book you won't want to miss. Gary LeBlanc cared for his father with dementia and has a wealth of knowledge. This is...
Posted by Pamelakempllc on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Reading 'The Aftereffects of Caregiving' by Gary Joseph LeBlanc feels like having a close friend during what can be an incredibly lonely time in life. Gary courageously and candidly invites us to learn how to navigate the unchartered waters that is this life without our loved one beside us. Struggles with grief, depression, identity crisis, rebuilding self-esteem, reconnecting with a family and friends when it feels like the world has been moving on without you, the relationship between weight gain and worry, getting re-married or selling the family home are all dealt with in an empowering and actionable way that makes you feel like you just had a heart to heart talk with a trusted older brother. Gary's been there, he's open about what he feels he did right during and after his caregiving experiences and what he wished he would’ve done differently. He shares his unvarnished story devoid of the kind of self-serving polish that some writers employ that conveniently omits missteps in an effort to be perceived as an expert. Gary has none of those airs about him. You feel like he's talking to you and that he knows you when you read his words and I can’t think of a more desirable relationship an author can have with their readers. Thank you for this great resource, Gary. There weren't many tools out there before this one to help us get through that first day we wake up without the person we've been caring for and all that unfolds in the weeks and months that follow." 
-- Mara Botonis, Author of "When Caring Takes Courage: A Compassionate and Interactive Guide for Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregivers", 2015 Recipient of the Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service 2015 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Medal Honoree-Outstanding Impact National Public Service , Co-Chair National Dementia Action Alliance Utilization and Access Work Group, Project Lifesaver International Law Enforcement/First Responder-Alzheimer’s Trainer, Alzheimer’s Association Board Member-Southeast Florida Chapter, Curator of:, Co-Moderator USAgainst Alzheimer’s National Support Group, Contributing Writer for,,, and, Alzheimer's Keynote Speaker, Alzheimer’s Family Caregiver Advocate, and Alzheimer’s Awareness Volunteer

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