Monday, February 21, 2011

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' To Receive $1.2 Million In Tax Credits

OK, now I understand Tea Party economics.

First you run for governor of Alaska. Then you sign a bill into law which will give generous tax breaks to film and TV production companies that film in your state. Next, resign your position as governor after two years. Then quickly sign a deal for a reality TV show which will be produced in your state and benefit from the bill which you signed into law. The production company then receives a $1.2 million in tax credits which they have the option of selling to other companies for 80 to 90 cents of the dollar.

Now that's much better that encouragin­g women to breast feed in order to improve their health and fight childhood obesity.
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  1. Shameful, isn't it? And to think that if a Christian (me) brings to light the fact that Mrs. Palin is not the best example of christianity despite her claim, I'm called UnChristian by her christian followers. Something is terribly wrong.


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