Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Before You Eat That Next Soy Burger

Do you eat soy burgers, drink soy milk, use flavored coffee creamers and/or products that contain aspartame? If you do then please watch this video, "The World According to Monsanto" in its entirety. You may just change your mind,

Monsanto, manufacturer of the world's leading weedkiller Round-Up, is also the world leader in supplying soy bean seed for agribusiness. So if you're consuming a mass marketed soy bean product like soy milk or yogurt with aspartame there is a good chance that it was produced from Monsanto seed and treated with Round-up.

I am not against soy products. there is evidence that soy in its natural state is good for you. But there is also good reason to believe that soy that has been genetically modified to resist spraying with a powerful herbicide, may be killing us.

Please watch this video in its entirety, then buy the video and share it with those that you love.

Finally, join others in the move to Stop Monsanto.

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