Monday, August 3, 2009

The Most Dangerous Legal Drug of Choice ... Food.

First, we found out that those wonderful diet pills prescribed by friendly family physicians were dangerously addictive amphetamines that were turning housewives into junkies.

Then we learned that Big Tobacco had intentionally turned its customers into nicotine addicts.

Now there is clear evidence that the processed food industry has systematically created a nation of fat, sugar & salt fiends, And this addiction will probably claim more lives than any other drug, legal or illegal.

Today's broadcast of DemocracyNow discussed a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which warns that the direct medical costs of obesity total about $147 billion a year, (nine percent of all US medical costs and over $50 billion more than the annual spending on cancer).

In the following video clip, Amy Goodman and Anjali Kamat interview former FDA Commissioner David Kessler, who has spent the last seven years trying to understand how the food industry has actively manipulated American's addiction to food and helped create the country’s number one public health issue.

Sadly the practices of food industry are just one piece of American healthcare nightmare. As stated in the interview food addicts often develop illnesses like obesity, heart disease and high cholesterol. And when they do, they meet their new pusher Big Pharma and have to dance with the health insurance devil.

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