Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So Much for Post Racial

At least in the mind of one white Pennsylvania woman who apparently thinks that you can cover running away by using the old standby line, "the black man did it".

Yesterday afternoon I was really bothered by the fact that during their 5pm broadcast, Phila,'s Channel 6 News reported that police were attempting to track the location of two carjack victims by using the signal from a cell phone. I thought to myself, that's all the kidnappers need to hear so they can beat the woman half to death in order to avoid being captured and identified.

Now I'm learning that the whole carjacking incident may just be another hoax a la Susan Smith.

Phila Inquirer is now reporting:
"The Bucks County woman who made a frantic 911 call yesterday reporting that she and her daughter had been kidnapped is now believed to be in Florida with the girl, a law enforcement official said this afternoon.

The woman was caught on video surveillence at Philadelphia International Airport yesterday about an hour or so after her call to authorities. Using fake identification and cash, she bought two one-way tickets to Orlando, the source told the Inquirer.

Earlier in the day, investigators examined a car and chased leads in an effort to find the woman and her 9-year-old daughter, Julia Rakoczy.

This morning, as Julia's father appealed on national television for the release of his daughter and ex-wife this morning, FBI Special Agent J.J. Klaver said investigators were following a number of leads in the case. He did not elaborate.

When Sweeten, 38, called police shortly before 2 p.m. yesterday, she said she was in the trunk of a dark-colored 1990s Cadillac.

The mother reported she and daughter were taken by two black men after they were involved in a minor accident with the Cadillac on Street Road in Upper Southampton Township, about a mile north of the city, Klaver said."

This is the type of BS that used to get black men lynched. I wonder how many black men have been pulled over today in the search for Bonnie Sweeten and her daughter.

So the next time that someone tells you that we're living a post-racial society tell them that we're not there yet. Some people must still believe in Jim Crow.

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