Wednesday, December 10, 2008 is Open for Questions

Today, the Obama Administration launched a new feature on its website. The feature titles Open for Questions invites you to ask the Transition team questions about their plans to address issues that are important to you.

In addition to posting your own questions you can browse through the questions of others and then check off the ones you think are the most interesting.

The community states that it is committed to maintaining a two-way dialogue with Transition team members.

As Greg Sargent and Eric Kleefield reported for TPMedia:

" The rub, though, is this: The public is able to vote on how much they'd like certain queries to be a priority, and the voting tally is visible -- which means it'll be tougher for the Obama team to not answer questions that participants clearly want answered.

Here's how it works: Users get three options in voting on a question. They can vote in favor of a question being answered; they can vote against it being answered; or they can flag the question as inappropriate.

The Obama team is clearly exposing itself to a bit of a risk here. It could find itself choosing between answering an uncomfortable question and ducking one that the public is clamoring for an answer to. And if the state of the country fails to improve (or gets even worse) over the next few years, the public could also end up registering more and more negative questions."

So here's your chance to express your thoughts to an administration that is actually soliciting questions.

Check out "Open for Questions",

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