Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OH, Now It All Comes Out - Final Thoughts on Sarah Palin

You know that I don't watch FOX News but when I saw this video I had to post it.

While Sarah Palin was traveling across America citing her "executive experience" and demeaning "community organizers" and John McCain was proclaiming that Sarah Palin was ready to lead, McCain/Palin campaign staffers knew that she couldn't name the nations involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement and that Africa was a continent.

Ok, she's not the only person who is a little ignorant about Africa. Sadly. But not knowing the names of the nations involved in NAFTA.

(hint: there's only three)

Now Sarah's buddies in the not-so-liberal media are sharing stories about how Sarah emerged from the shower wrapped only in a towel and how Sarah was on a coast-to-coast shopping spree.

Oh well, Sarah's tough. She certainly doesn't need an East Coast, big city, liberal to say that this sounds a little like Adam blaming Eve for the fall of man.

I'm sure that Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Cindy McCain will call FOX News on their misogyny.

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