Tuesday, March 11, 2008

GOP Moves Against Lawyers

excerpt from:
GOP Steps Up Moves Against Lawyers on Yahoo! News

By Paul Bedard
Mon Mar 10, 2:09 PM ET

Senate Republicans, who've already attacked trial lawyers for fighting the lingering FISA issue, are turning to "patent trolls" (those who aggressively enforce patents) as they move to claim that lawyers challenging post-9/11 legislation are jeopardizing national security.

"We are going to start making their support for patent troll lawyers an issue," said a senior Senate GOP leadership aide. "These are examples of where the Democrats are putting these patent trolls and their clients ahead of national security. It's a trend; it's a pattern."

In the case of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Republicans have claimed that opposition lawyers are undermining national security by blocking retroactive immunity for telecommunication companies that cooperated with the post-9/11 wiretap program. Now Republicans are turning to patent lawyers and an issue related to Check 21, part of the post-9/11 international finance initiatives

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