Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Little British Arrogance -- Wouldn't You Say?

Is this how you begin a peace process?

excerpt from

BBC NEWS | Africa | UK warns Darfur rebels on boycott The UK has warned rebel groups in Darfur they could be excluded from the peace process if they boycott talks due to be held in Libya later this month.

The UK Minister for Africa, Lord Malloch Brown, said those who opted out "should understand the consequences".

The meeting was arranged so the rebels could unify their negotiating position ahead of talks with Sudan's government.

One key rebel faction says it will not enter peace talks until the promised peacekeeping force is deployed.

The Paris-based Abdul Wahid al-Nur faction of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army told the BBC that Darfur needs the international community to live up to its responsibilities to stop the killing.

"We need action from the UN and the international community should do their responsibilities (...) and after that go to the negotiating table and we are ready to go at that time," said spokesman Yahya Bashir.

The Justice and Equality Movement, one of Darfur's main rebel factions, said the British threats were not helpful.

Haroun Abdul Hamid, a spokesman for the group, told the BBC: "I think it is better for the Africa minister to do the efforts towards helping people to make common ground towards the peace, rather than making these threats."

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