Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Civil Response to A Lunatic

Try as I may to disregard Ann Coulter and people of her ilk, I am compelled to share Elizabeth Edwards' replies to Ann's recent cry for help. Will someone give Ann the help she so desperately needs?


  1. The problem with the Elizabeth and Ann segment of the show is that neither of the participants is honest.

    Ann is slime, no question about that. But I don't think Elizabeth distinguished herself with the dramatic exchange on Hardball.

    Southern Culture is invoked by Elizabeth Edwards, then ignored. A public confrontation is not polite, it's a very aggressive act in southern culture and Elizabeth is just as dishonest as Ann.

    I talk about that thought a little more at this blog

  2. Gary,

    I agree that in traditional southern culture a public confrontation is an aggressive act. I'm sure that wasn't lost on Elizabeth who is a skilled lawyer as well as political wife.

    I think Elizabeth was really "calling Ann out" to try to shame her about her comments wishing John dead. I doubt that there was any real hope that Ann would recount her Faustian deal for her fame.

    I too received the fundraising letter from Elizabeth Edwards that you mention in your blog and it does add to the overall political theatre. But this seems to be what captures most Americans' attention these days. I wish it weren't so. But it seems that in a culture obsessed with Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith, straight discussions of the issues without the witty retorts, digs and slights find no audience.


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