Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Picking Up Where Bin Laden Left Off

So the Bush administration is lying again. What else is new?

Is anyone really shocked about the latest scandal? If so, has he or she been living on this planet for the past six years?

The most disturbing acts in this greek tragedy known as the Bush Presidency have not been the actions of the Texas mafia but the inertia and lack of outrage of the American public at the destruction of democracy.

Yes a statement was made during last November's election but all that achieved was a Speaker of the House who insists that impeachment is off the table. If impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney are not initiated this year then I can only assume that people who still believe in the US Constitution have given up all hope. Or, maybe the vast majority of elected officials are among the one in every five Americans that is illiterate. Or maybe the majority of the American public is more concerned about Brittany Spears' breakdown, American Idol and Anna Nicole's baby's daddy.

On 9/11 Al Qaeda destroyed buildings, killed thousands of people and momentarily shook the heart of a nation. But in the days since 9/11 the Bush Adminstration with the acquiescence of the American public has daily attacked the soul of America and has done more to threaten our national security and destroy America's integrity than even Bin Laden could have ever dreamed.

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