Friday, February 9, 2007

February Movie Pick

Amazing Grace The Movie

Amazing Grace is the story of the campaign of abolitionist William Wilberforce, against the slave trade in 19th century Britain,

The title obviously refers to the hymn "Amazing Grace" written by John Newton.

Nelson Mandela once referred to Britain as "the land of William Wilberforce—who dared to stand up to demand that the slaves in our country should be freed."

The film stars Ioan Gruffudd as Wilberforce, Albert Finney as John Newton, Rufus Sewell as Thomas Clarkson, and Ciarán Hinds as Sir Banastre Tarleton, one of Wilberforce's chief opponents in the House of Commons.

In conjunction with the release of the film
Amazing Grace, Bristol Bay is launching an integrated social justice campaign called The Amazing Change aimed at:

  • Increasing literacy about the historical issue of slavery and the abolitionist movement;
  • Raising awareness about modern day slavery and other forms of oppression;
  • Motivating people to get involved to abolish slavery;
  • Raising a new generation of youth who care about suffering in the world and become abolitionists;
  • Engaging new activists in a life-long journey to invest their time, influence and resources back in the world;
  • Providing much-needed funding to organizations that are working to abolish slavery.

I recently signed the Petition to Abolish Modern Day Slavery and encourage you to do so too.

Please join other abolitionists in our effort to free slaves.

To view the Petition and learn more about efforts to abolish modern day slavery, visit

View the movie trailer:

For more information you can visit Anti-Slavery International's website and find other ways of becoming involved

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