Thursday, November 16, 2006

Focusing On The Gift Instead Of The Giver

I realized a long time ago that God can use any medium to speak to those that are willing to listen. Those familiar with the Christian Bible recall that he used a donkey to speak to one of his prophets.
So now it does not seem odd to me when he uses music, a painting, a book, a movie or even a TV commercial to relay a message.

If you live in the United States you have probably seen one of the retailer Best Buy's Christmas commercials. The theme of the commercials is that recipients are so entranced by the thought of the "perfect holiday gifr", from Best Buy of course, that they completely ignore the gift giver. In one commercial two children are sitting transfixed in front of a Christmas tree when Santa appears in the room. Santa is startled because he does not want the children to see him but much to his surprise the children do not notice his presence at all. Even when Santa tries to get their attention they do not see him because all of their attention is focused on the Best Buy gift box which they believe contains their "perfect gift". The children are completely ignoring the giver of gifts and in so doing missing the miracle.

I can envision that six months from the day those children open that gift box they will consider that gift as passé. Their focus will be on the next object of their desitre -- the next "perfect gift". Yet, the giver of gifts never changes. He is always there ready to bless them, even when they don't notice him.

Today, are you focused more on the gift than the giver of gifts?

Pamela Lyn
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