Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Virus Alert from -- Kama Sutra Worm Scheduled for Feb 3rd

From: Rich Buhler ,
RE: Virus Alert

There are warnings about a computer virus that will be the first large viral
attack on the Internet of 2006 and the target date of its spread is February

It's being named the KAMA SUTRA WORM.

It's already been spreading but without announcing itself. Virus experts
say it is invading as many computers as possible then on February 3 is going
explode into a massive attack using all those computers as a base for
sending itself to as many other computers as possible. It is also
potentially very destructive and if it gets loose on a network, could cause

It is designed to affect PC's, not MAC's.

It arrives in an email with the subject lines "the best videoclip ever", or
"give me a kiss", or "school girl fantasies gone bad." If you open the
file, you are infected.

Many current viruses seek to harvest information from your computer such as
bank numbers, passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc.
This one, however, is intent on destruction. On the third of each month the
worm will try to disable your protection software such as firewall or
anti-virus programs. It will also, however, seek to delete various files
such as all Microsoft Office Documents.

Experts are recommending you make sure that you have good antivirus software
on your computer and that the virus definitions are up to date. Also, just
in case, backup your important documents before February 3.

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