Friday, January 13, 2006

Liberia: Staying Focused - New Crisis Group briefing



Liberia: Staying Focused

While the inauguration of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as Liberia’s president on 16 January offers great hope, the country will only recover if the government and international community maintain their cooperative momentum. If the newly elected government and donors work together in a good faith partnership guaranteeing a proper flow of funds that are used transparently, the country can make real progress. However, if that sensitive partnership fails, the door will be open for a future, disastrous insurgency. The government and donors need to concentrate on several crucial points: following-through on the Governance and Economic Management Assistance Plan (GEMAP); training the new army; reforming the judicial sector; and rebuilding basic infrastructure. Donors should realise that money spent on Liberia will have a vital stabilising impact on the entire volatile region.


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