Monday, September 19, 2005

BBC NEWS | Africa | Mugabe defends urban demolitions

As many readers of this blog know,  I am no fan of the majority of Robert Mugabe's policy.  I often think that he has lost his focus and love for his people.   However, after watching the aftermath of hurrincane Katrina I have asked my policy are we doing any better in addressing the issue of poverty in the US inner cities.  plk
BBC NEWS | Africa | Mugabe defends urban demolitions
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Mugabe defends urban demolitions Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has denied his country is in the grip of an avoidable famine, and defended his controversial slum clearance policy.

Mr Mugabe defended the demolitions, insisting that Zimbabwe must move forward, rather than tolerate poverty and haphazard urban development.

He said Zimbabwe would not lower its urban living standards to allow for mud huts and bush latrines, and did not need "development in reverse".

"We find it strange and anomalous that the government of Zimbabwe should be maligned and condemned for restoring order and the rule of law in its municipal areas," he told the UN in New York.

An estimated 700,000 people lost their homes during the slum clearances, which were described as a humanitarian crisis by the United Nations and heavily criticised by Human Rights Watch.

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