Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Action Call: : Demand cleaner, cheaper energy now

I just took action to encourage the Senate Energy Committee to use renewable sources to lower the cost energy.  Will you join me?
Right now the Senate is poised to make a big mistake by overlooking renewable energy sources in favor of dirty, expensive, foreign fossil fuels.  We need your help to convince them to reduce our energy bills and increase renewable energy usage at the same time! 
Senator Pete Domenici from New Mexico is the Chairman of the Senate Energy Committee and he wants to hear YOUR ideas on the best way to bring down the cost of natural gas before January 7th. 
Click the link below to tell Senator Domenici that the best way to reduce energy costs is to increase the use of solar, wind, and other renewable sources of energy!
You may have noticed the skyrocketing cost of natural gas (prices have doubled in the past four years!)  This huge increase has the Senate working on ways to lower the cost of natural gas, but unfortunately, it looks like their "solution" won't include using renewable energy to lower costs.
It would be a big mistake to overlook renewable energy as part of a solution to this problem.  Not only is renewable energy good for the environment, it's also good for our wallets!  Almost everyone agrees that fossil fuels will become more and more expensive over time, while renewable energy will become cheaper and cheaper.  Solar and wind power offer stable, predictable alternatives to dirty fossil fuels and will lower your energy bill over time.
The big energy companies and their allies in Congress are calling for more natural gas subsidies, more drilling, more imported natural gas, and more coal fired power plants.  But these "solutions" are merely a band aid for a bigger problem - we're already too dependent on non-renewable fossil fuels!
Click the link below to tell Senator Domenici that we need real solutions to the skyrocketing cost of natural gas, not subsidies for big energy companies!
The deadline to submit comments in January 7, 2005, so submit your comments today!
Thanks for your help!

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