Friday, October 1, 2004

Action Call: Support Legislation to Provide Health Insurance for National Guardsmen & Reservists

The following is a message from Paul Rieckhoff, Founder and Executive Director, Operation Truth.   Regardless of your views on the Iraqi war, US service personnel really need your support.   Thanks in advance for taking a moment to read this.  plk. 


We have until October 8th (just about one week!) to help Support Our Troops by encouraging our lawmakers to push through a critical piece of legislation currently being considered in Congress. Click here to help!

TRICARE is the health insurance system offered to servicemembers and their families through the Department of Defense. Earlier this year, in a bi-partisan move, Senators Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and Tom Daschle (D-SD) introduced and pushed legislation through the Senate that would enable National Guardsmen and Reservists to have access to TRICARE at an affordable rate (but it hasn't passed in the House yet!).

40% of our National Guardsmen and Reservists between the ages of 18-25 do not have health insurance, and yet, the Department of Defense opposes this legislation!

We need to make our voices heard to overcome the opposition, as this legislation is now up for final consideration in Congress. Taking only a couple of minutes to follow the steps outlined on our website can make a strong impact on our troops lives!

Help our National Guardsmen and Reservists, by immediately visiting the Legislative Center, and following four easy steps that will help put pressure on Congress to pass this vitally needed legislation!

Thank you for supporting our troops,

Paul Rieckhoff
Founder and Executive Director
Operation Truth


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